Tangier – An offshore financial market

Tangier is an offshore financial market which offers many fiscal and exchange advantages.

It exclusively concerns banks and holdings.

Our firm is specialised in the creation of the offshore companies and has a vast experience in this field since the establishment of the market in 1992.

Besides the creation of several offshore holdings, our firm has also created the legal structure of one offshore bank and is the auditor of another.

Some of the fiscal incentives:
  • Corporate income tax : during the 15 first consecutive years after obtaining the agreement, offshore banks are subjected to either 10% tax or a lump sum of the equivalent in dirhams of USD 25.000.
  • Corporate income tax: during the 15 first consecutive years after the set-up, offshore holdings are subjected to a lump sum tax of the equivalent in MAD of USD 500
  • VAT exemption with deduction right:
    • For banks on the interests, commissions, new capital goods, office items…
    • For offshore holdings on some operations with offshore banks or non resident individuals